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Burnout: Stress Gone Wild, The Causes of Stress
Thanks for trudging through my last two posts on burnout. And yes, I heard you. The last one was too long and too heavy. So I’ll try to make this blog about general causes of stress shorter and more to the point.
Remember, stress is not what happens to you (we call these stressors [...]

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Burnout:  Stress Gone Wild – The Fallout  by Dr Dave
Mar 10, 2013 in Burnout, Health Conditions, Depression    
Burnout Recap

In my last blog here on Integrative Psych ( and in a related one on Health Remedies where I often guest blog ( I introduced several key aspects of [...]

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Burnout:  Stress Gone Wild by Dr Dave
Mar 5, 2013 in Burnout, Health Conditions    
We are rapidly approaching the one-hundred year anniversary – Sunday evening April 20th, 1913 – of Sir William Osler’s elegant address to a group of Yale students entitled “A Way of Life.”
In that speech, Osler reminded his “fellow students” that the person [...]

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Why Adderall and Other Stimulants May NOT Be the Best Solution for Your ADHD/ADD by Dr Dave
Recent data out of the European Union from the Alliance for Natural Health International (AHN) has changed the way I practice medicine. While I have always had a healthy respect for the double-edged sword nature of prescribing medications, not until I saw the AHN's data on [...]

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Low Motivation?  Check Your Dopamine Level
Dr. Dave here again.   As I discussed in my last blog, by Groundhog Day, more New Year's resolutions have been broken than kept.   Assuming for a moment that, despite what you have may have been told, you are neither stupid nor lazy, then why is it so hard to keep resolutions â& [...]

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Pie Crust Promises, or New Year’s Resolutions Unplugged by drdave
It’s official.  Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this morning.  You know what that means.  That’s right, by now more than three-fourths of all New Year’s resolutions made for 2013 will have been broken, postponed, or changed. Year in and year out, although their relative positio [...]

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Dr. Dave Here
Hello.  Dr. Dave here.  Good friend and (tor)-mentor Joe “Gruncle Joe” (part uncle, part grandpa to my kids) Yazel taught me, “People won’t listen to you, Dave, until they know who you are.” As such, this introductory blog is just that:  where I introduce myself to you, my dear bloggee [...]

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The Mediterranean Diet and Depression

Diet has been scientifically proven to have impact on depression and anxiety. Researchers found that the individuals who ate a Mediterranean diet had significant lower rates of depression. Many researches now suggest that people who follow a traditional Mediterranean diet may be less likely [...]

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Restless Leg Syndrome- A new study And Natural Supplements That May Help
Nov 30, 2012 in RLS    
Restless Leg Syndrome( RLS), also known as Willis Ekbom disease (WED), is characterized by an irresistible urge to move the legs and often causes leg sensations of burning, creeping, and tugging, all of which are usually worse at night, thereby greatly impacting the sleep of those who suffer. Those [...]

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CannaGard-fight marijuana side effects
Nov 15, 2012 in Featured Products    
** New Product**
Upgrade your Brain and Body
CannaGard is the first nutraceutical that   upgrades your mental-and-physical capacities and                                     [...]

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