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Lab Tests

At Integrative Psychiatry, we believe in testing not guessing. Lab tests, such as hormone, thyroid, allergy, adrenal or neurotransmitter testing, we will accurately identify the cause of your condition.

Then, we'll work with you ( by phone, or in our Sarasota FL office) to create a holistic functional mental health wellness plan just for you. For example, carefully selected brain supplements ,orthomolecular products, and depression supplements can rebalance your body chemicals and help you start feeling better soon. They can be taken as a healthy alternative to prescription drugs or to enhance their effectiveness.

We offer a variety of diagnostic testing. There are too many tests available to list on our website.
If there is a test that you are interested in please call or email our office, chances are we can
order it for you.

  1. Purchase online
  2. Doctors order provided
  3. Collect saliva, urine, or fingerstick at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require blood draw at a lab of your choosing.
  4. You receive the results.
  5. Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test.

Not available in MD or NY.

Lab kits can not be refunded or exchanged, and must be used before expiration date. We recommend using test kits within 6 months of purchase

Note: lab prices may change or certain kit discontinued  without prior notice, no refunds will be given. .

Adrenal Fatigue Test

Adrenal Fatigue Test In order to determine the health of your adrenal glands you need to have a urine, or saliva test performed by a practitioner tra

7 products listed

Adrenal Stress Index

The Adrenal Stress Index™ by Diagnos-Techs The Adrenal Stress Index is a test of adrenal function. It can determine the functioning of the bodi

1 products listed

Amino Acid Tests

Amino Acid Tests Amino acids make up proteins found in every tissue of the body. They play a major role in nearly every chemical process that affects

4 products listed

Autism Testing

Autism Tests No doctors order needed! You receive a copy of the results. Like any parent, you desire to give your child the best life possible. Howe

12 products listed

Blood Spot Tests

Blood Spot Testing can help: Identify hidden hormonal deficiencies associated with aging and disease, thyroid dysfunction and symptoms of menopause

9 products listed

Blood Test

We offer a variety of lab test. Our blood test section is new and growing. A visit to your local lab is required. There are no additional fees or doct

3 products listed

C Reactive Protein

Originally named for its ability to react with C-polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumoniae, C-Reactive Protein, CRP, is a protein produced by the liv

1 products listed

Candida Test

You may have Candida if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Severe itching sensation of the skin Dry mouth and tongue, cracked ton

5 products listed

Cardiovascular Tests

The incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) is rising at an alarming rate. CVD is the leading cause of m

5 products listed

Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity

Celiac Test and Gluten Sensitivity Test Celiac disease, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, or idiopathic sprue, is a hereditary response to gliadin. Gliad

4 products listed

Depression Test

Identifying the Cause of Depression with a Basic Depression Test With millions of Americans suffering from depression, diagnosing the cause of the co

7 products listed

Environmental Pollutants

Chronic exposures to a number of occupational and environmental pollutants are a growing concern in today's industrialized communities as their e

4 products listed

Food Allergy Test

Food Allergy Tests Food Allergy Testing can help you determine the cause of your mental and physical symptoms. Research and clinical studies have sh

9 products listed

Gastrointestinal Tests

Many chronic disorders come from digestive problems and inadequate nutrient absorption. Proper gastrointestinal function is needed to eliminate toxic

13 products listed

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing Genetic testing can help undercover your predisposition to many diseases and imbalances giving you the opportunity to do something ab

9 products listed

Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis Determine your exposure to toxic heavy metals, as well as determine levels of nutrients with a hair analysis test. Order online, docto

2 products listed

Heavy Metals Test

Order Heavy Metals Test Online- We provide the Doctors Order! Heavy metal toxicity can result in damaged or reduced mental and central nervous functi

8 products listed

Hormone Tests

Hormone Tests No Doctors order needed. You receive the results. Buy hormone test kits online. Hormone testing provides a look into the hormonal func

18 products listed


Lab Tests for Inflammation Brain inflammation is connected to virtually all types of mental illness. Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, a

6 products listed

kryptopyrrole test-Pyroluria

Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria Urine Test Pyrrole disorder/pyroluria is diagnosed by finding elevated kryptopyrrole in urine.When elevated in urine, it repr

1 products listed

Lab Testing

Laboratory Diagnostic Tests No doctors order needed. You receive the results. Test or Guess!! Laboratory Diagnostic testing can help you determin

1 products listed

Lyme Disease Test

Lyme Disease Test

0 products listed

Metabolic Test

Metabolic Lab Testing Metabolic Analysis Profile assesses urine metabolites to evaluate four critical areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal function,

4 products listed

Methylation Defects

Methylation defects are responsible for numerous physical and mental illness: Schizophrenia Anxiety ADHD Autism Insomnia Fibromyalgia/Chronic

5 products listed


Test or Guess! Find out if a neurotranmitter imbalance is causing your symptoms Neurotransmitter test kits specific to the symptoms you may be suffer

6 products listed

Nutritional Tests

Nutritional Deficiencies Optimum nutrition is key for the prevention of disease and a long healthy life. Testing for nutritional deficiencies can dis

16 products listed

Organic Acids Test

Organix Urine Organic Acids Test by Metametrix Clinical Laboratory Why is Measuring Organic Acids Important ? Your body is constantly generating pro

6 products listed

Psych Eval

Psych Eval (Psychiatric Evaluation) Depression Attention and Focus Issues Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Brain Fog Memory Impairment Anxiety &a

1 products listed

Thyroid Testing

Hypothyroidism can be associated with depression and its symptoms: decreased interest in daily activities concentration difficulties sleep distur

3 products listed

Vitamin Analysis

Intracellular Vitamin Analysis by Spectracell measures the intracellular function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential mic

3 products listed

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