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Garlic 500mg 100c by Progressive Labs

Garlic 500mg 100c by Progressive Labs includes vitamin B-1, B-2, Niacin (B-3) and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and sodium along with numerous amino acids and sulfur containing compounds. In addition to its obvious nutritional advantages, In the book “”Garlic: Nature's Healer”” others listed, even more important, identifiable therapeutic factors related to garlic‘s nutrient content including the following:

1) Godwit rays, a mitogenetic radiation factor that stimulates cell growth and rejuvenates body functions.

2) Anti-hemolytic factor responsible for garlic's beneficial effect on anemia.

3) Sugar metabolism factor useful in treating both diabetes and hypoglycemia.

4) High selenium content works as a natural pacemaker for the heart.

5) High germanium content believed beneficial in preventing and retarding tumor growth.

6) Anti-heavy metal factor neutralizes heavy metal toxicity by oral chelation.

7) Anti-oxidant factors reduces lipid peroxides and other free radical end-products.

8) All thiamine formed by the action vitamin B-1 on the sulfur containing compound all-in acts as a tonic for the body's well-being.

9) Anti-inflammatory factor from allicin reduced joint pain and swelling of arthritis.

10) Antibiotic factor produced by the action of the enzyme allinase.

11) Anti-coagulant factor methyltrisulfide identified by Japanese researchers as the key sulfur containing compound responsible for garlic‘s anti-clotting property

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One Capsule contains: Garlic (bulb) 500mg


Progressive Labs

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