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Montiff Pure D-Phenyl Relief 500 mg 50 caps


Montiff Pure D-Phenyl Relief 500 mg 50 caps supports increased endorphin levels. Helps control craving for addictive substances, reduces feelings of stress and frustration, controls pain perception. Endorphins are natural chemicals created in the body, which are involved in pain tolerance. D-Phenyl-Relief helps enhance endorphin Production. May be very beneficial in assist individuals suffering from chronic discomfort and pain.


D-Phenylalanine is the Dextrorotatory form of the amino acid, Phenylalanine. The L-forms (Levorotatory) of amino acids are ones that are bioavailable and are for protein synthesis and regulatory functions. They are like mirror images of one another, however, D-Phenylalanine is not absorbed into the body, but acts as an inhibiting agent to the enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of endorphins, which control pain perception.


Endorphins (and enkephalins) are naturally occurring opiate-like peptides, which control pain perception and produce an analgesic effect. Their effects are only of a short duration because of metabolic enzymes, especially Carboxypeptidase A, which inhibit increased endorphin production. D-Phenylalanine prohibits these enzymes, allowing increased endorphin production, and prolonged and intensified analgesic affects.


Low levels of endorphins have been noted in those suffering from chronic pain, and supplementation with D-Phenlyalanine helped to increase these levels. By prohibiting Carboxypeptidase A from preventing endorphin production, the body can continue to increase its own natural pain tolerance mechanism. In studies with chronic pain patients, the pain threshold has been enhanced and prolonged. This has been effected with various chronic pain conditions, including back pain and Osteoarthritis.


Pre-administration of D-Phenylalanine enhances the effects of acupuncture on back and other pain. Up to 2 grams 1 hour prior to acupuncture treatment may result in more pain relief and for longer periods of time.


Two grams of D-Phenylalanine has been given 1 hour prior to dental extractions, increasing the pain threshold and for a prolonged period of time.


D- PHENYLALANINE is the form of Phenylalanine that effects endorphin production. L-Phenylalanine has other functions in the body. Concentrations of the pure D-Phenylalanine will assist in pain tolerance to those needing this function. By combining the two, the concentration of the effective form of D-Phenylalanine would be less, and therefore more would be required to achieve results.

The Third World Congress on Pain recommended D-Phenylalanine, and numerous medical studies have confirmed this recommendation. Some suggest that L-Phenylalanine will stimulate catecholamine production for those whose pain causes depression. Since L-Phenylalanine must convert to L-Tyrosine in the body in order to raise neurotransmitter levels, it would be best to take Montiff Pure L-Tyrosine or Montiff Neuro-Balance with Tyrosine for this purpose. (In some rare forms of depression, some patients have responded to D-Phenylalanine, and this form might be beneficial to those who are not responding with other therapies.)

In addition, L-Phenylalanine is not recommended for those with elevated blood pressure levels, diabetes or pregnant women, and would not be the best choice for mood enhancement, or pain relief. D-Phenylalanine is the recommended form of Phenylalanine for chronic pain control.


  • The highest quality D-Phenylalanine is used.
  • It is concentrated pure D-Phenylalanine, which assists in enabling increased endorphin production.

D-PHENYL-RELIEF is a safe alternative to opiates for chronic pain management, and will not upset the stomach as many long term over-the-counter" drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

It may, however, be used to increase the effects of drugs, such as aspirin, so that a lower dosage of a drug would be necessary to achieve relief.

Ingredients per capsule:

D-Phenylalanine 500 mg

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, gelatin.

DIRECTIONS: · For chronic pain, the initial dosage should be 3 capsules, T.I.D., on an empty stomach for 7-10 days, then reduce to 2 capsules T.I.D., or as needed.
For acupuncture and dental procedures 2 grams (4 capsules) 1 hour prior to appointment is recommended.

About the Manufacturer


Montiff formulations are the most advanced available, based on the latest research at leading universities. The owner of Montiff, Don Tyson, is a leading expert on amino acid therapy and the use of nutraceuticals in the medical profession. Don Tyson, President of Montiff, is a leading expert in the field of amino acid therapy and use of nutraceuticals in the medical/health profession, and has been so far over 20 years. Montiff is introducing revolutionary advancements in nutraceuticals. Montiff products are listed in the PDR, and they have been enthusiastically received by all the doctors and customers who have been introduced to these outstanding compounds.

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