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Douglas Labs Wobenzym N 100 tabs

SKU: wobe9
Douglas Labs Wobenzym N 100 tabs is a systemic Enzyme formula that supports the body`s immune system and inflammation. Millions of people around the world use Wobenzym to activate countless healing processes throughout the body. Many clinical studies have found that Wobenzym promotes healthy joints, robust circulation, strong immune system, recovery from sports and work injuries, and healthy aging. Each Wobenzym tablet is specially coated so that the enzymes pass through the stomach and enter the bloodstream to their biologically active form. As these enzymes circulate throughout the body, they work systemically, to benefit all your tissues and organs. The enzymes in Wobenzym works like a biological "vacuum cleaner" to clean the blood of these harmful proteins. Enzymes are often "used up" faster than the body can manufacture them. Especially with age, the body loses its ability to produce enough enzymes to keep up with its own demand. This is why Wobenzym is so important. Wobenzym works naturally and gradually to support your body`s own repair processes. While other products provide temporary solutions, Wobenzym works to make your body healthier.

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