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Ultra Infla-Zyme™ Forte 180 tabs by American Biologics

BrandAmerican Biologics

Ultra Infla-Zyme™ Forte 180 tabs by American Biologics.

Ultra Infla-Zyme™ Forte 180 tabs

Each micro-granulated tablet provides:
Pancreatin (4x) NF 800 mg
20,000 USP Units of Amylase Activity
1,600 USP Units of Lipase Activity
20,000 USP Units of Protease Activity
Bromelain 125 mg
Papain 120 mg
Trypsin 120 mg
30,000 USP Units of Trypsin Activity
Chymotrypsin 2.5 mg
2,500 USP Units of Chymotrypsin Activity
Lipase 35 mg
35 N.F. Units of Lipase Activity
Rutin (from eucalyptus) 85 mg
Zinc (as the gluconate) 2.6 mg
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 100 Units
Catalase 50 IU
L-cysteine (as the hydrochloride) 10mg 
Other ingredients: calcium gluconate, and magnesium

Suggested Use:
Three to six (3 - 6) tablets, three times per day, or as directed by a physician.

Inflazyme Forte® contains no sugar, starch, salt, yeast, corn,
rice, milk, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.

Pancreatin is from a Porcine (pork) source.

About the Manufacturer

American Biologics

When it comes to making sound choices for effective nutritional supplementation, trust American Biologics to work with the highest purity grades of raw materials and selectively chosen flowing agents, while utilizing good manufacturing practices. Our science-based formulations are designed by reputable biochemists/cell biologists, and Certificates of Analysis are happily provided with your orders.

American Biologics, a highly respected nutritional supplement company, is known for its line of science and evidence-based, high-quality nutritional supplements. Our quality control standards, and the scrutiny we undergo to offer products that are well tolerated by even sensitive individuals, are recognized by prominent healthcare professionals worldwide.

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