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I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all that you do to help others. It started with my phone consultation regarding my minor daughter approx 2 years ago this coming May. You recommended an adrenal and neurotransmitter test, after the results you spoke with me on the phone and recommended your products, which have brought much improvement!! She can now sleep through the night, the anxiety has lifted, she still struggles and has not been able to attend school due to fatigue, but this too has vastly improved. We anticipate that she will return to college soon. I just want to let you know how thankful we are for your assistance, we have been to all kinds of Doctors and not one understood or diagnosed as you did. Thank you so much! Your L-Tryptophan is a very good product, as well as the iflora and Super EPA, which you prescribed. CP



"Your are my angel, I don't know what I would have done without you! " Deb S.


"Your gift of healing is better than any Christmas present!" Sharon C.


"Brain Balance has really helped with my focus, clarity, and energy. I feel like my old self" JMM


I can't thank you enough for all of your help! I spoke to you about a month ago about getting off ativan and you were very helpful! I ordered the chill out(Mind Calm) and the Grounded formulas. I've been without the ativan for 14 days now. It was a roller coaster at times, but those formulas pulled me through for sure. Through it all, I've had my sex hormones tested and I have a big progesterone deficiency that I am working on soon. I can offer testimony of those products! Thank you so much. TM

This client was addicted to Ativan for years and was able to safely wean off using GABA boosting supplements.

"Thank you Valerie, you have really helped me, I was close to taking my life. I no longer think like that" Marc T


"I cannot say strongly enough how much I believe in the value of Integrative Psychiatry and the work that Valerie Balandra NP offers to her patients. After our initial consultation, Valerie had run some tests on my mother and determined that she needed immediate intervention to regain her health.


I can tell you that my mother, the woman I knew and recognized, was gone by the time I arrive in Massachusetts in January 2007 to assist with her health care. I did not recognize her speech, her thoughts or her actions. I barely recognized her physically. I felt like I was seeing a stranger in my mother's body. I knew that multiple antidepressants had been prescribed, tried and failed. I also knew the chance that an antidepressant was going to cure my mother was slim. My mother was in such bad shape that she asked to check into Berkshire Medical Center's Jones II for care. My mother spent more than a month in Jones II under the care of the Director of Psychiatry, Dr. Prima. Dr. Prima and his consulting staff recommended that my mother undergo ECT as the only viable solution to remedy her depression and give her some quality of life. I had grave reservations about such a drastic recommendation and knew there were still some options. We withdrew my mother from the hospital against the advice of the doctors and staff. I believe they fully expected to see us return pleading for help.

Instead we immediately sought the remedies Ms. Balandra had formulated for my mother based on her test results. It was like a miracle!!! My mother's anxiety began to subside, her depression began to lift and before we knew it, she was getting more confident, active and hopeful. Within a couple months, my mother began looking forward to leaving the house, something she had not done in months. Then she began driving her car again to the store, appointments, to see friends. I finally began see my mother emerge of this devastating veil of depression. We knew we had found the best care for my mother. Integrative Psychiatry saved my mother's quality of life…..that's the facts. No doctor or hospital before could accomplish that." Lynne LaBombard

The above client was tested for neurotransmitter imbalances and adrenal deficiency. She was treated with Brain Balance 4-6 daily, Seriphos twice daily to reduce high cortisol levels, SAMe, and Omega Mood EC. V. Balandra NP


"Thank you for all of your insight and concern, you are truly a tribute to your profession" Deb G.




"Brain Balance has helped my depression, and with no side effects!"..... Mary P.


"I am so thankful to Valerie and Integrative Psychiatry for offering this type of treatment. I have suffered with panic and anxiety for years and until now no one, not even an Integrative Neurologist did any testing! Everyone just wanted to medicate me. After one simple saliva and urine test Valerie found I had adrenal fatigue, low progesterone, and my serotonin was low. I feel so much better now, and am only on my supplements, no drugs! Thanks again...... Terri J.



Patricia S writes "I wanted to thank you for your expertise. I recently had a hysterectomy and with your help, was able to tolerate the procedure and medication. YOU HAVE BEEN A MIRACLE IN MY LIFE."


I take my supplements everyday and am so thankful for you. For 15 years doctors have been puzzled at my symptoms and history. I was told it was psychosomatic and lived in fear and isolation, for most of those years. I felt so alone. I don't feel that way anymore.

This is a heartfelt note to let you know how much I appreciate you!

Thank You so very much,"

This patient had numerous chemical sensitivites and allergic reactions. After having neurotransmitter testing and adrenal testing it was discovered she had adrenal fatigue and several neurotransmitter imbalances. She is now taking targeted amino acid therapy and adrenal support supplements. V.Balandra NP


"Brain Balance has helped me attain more focus and more emotional balance. A good supplement for anyone who struggles with ADD and depression"....Danielle A.


"First I would like to thank-you for Brain Balance. I have been on anti-depressants for 6 months and slowly tapering off. The last 2 months but I was still experiencing headache when I come off them.After trying your product I was a bit suspicious if it would work and after taking the capsules 1 in the morning and 1 at night I felt 100% better than when I was on antidepressants.I want to say I am glad there is an actual product that does work. Thank-you so much! Garth T.



I am so glad I found Integrative Psychiatry and had the Neurotransmitter testing done. For years I have struggled with depression and mood swings. After numerous anti-depressants and drugs like depakote the testing showed what the real problem was. Ms. Balandra found the right combination for me and I feel much better! That testing was a godsend.


I would like to Thank Valerie for working with me on the telephone consultation with me today. She is a very nice, understanding and smart lady! The Tranquil supplenment has let me get off of xanax for night time sleep.. a big step in the right direction. MK

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