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Follow Kay Harper as she stumbles headlong, tangled in her sly, quicksilver, shooting-star life, skidding sideways, sliding down rainbows into pits of her own making. When she finally hits the bottom of the bottom, Harper looks up and finds that even when we don't understand God's course for us, He is always waiting and hanging onto us tight. This is a read you must not miss. Jean Archambault-White, Author, Simple Faith; and Eloise of Westhaven Stumbling Into Grace is the beautifully written, inspiring story of one woman's struggle toward fulfillment and inner peace. No matter what your religion, Kay Harper will lift you up with her as she builds a new life of faith. Esther Gordon Eden Literary We never know what other people have been through. Kay Harper's unapologetic telling of her reckless journey struck a chord in me, increased my compassion for all I meet and intensified my desire to tell them about the living God.

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