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UltraD/Intestinal 180c by Sabre Sciences

UltraD/Intestinal 120c by Sabre Sciences. The Sabre Method was developed specifically to detoxify all the crucial organs involved in the processing and elimination of toxins. Not only in the tissues that contain these dangerous substances; but also, in clearing congestion in the primary organs of elimination. The Sabre Method not only removes the toxins from the tissues, it also helps eliminate them from the body. The Sabre method utilizes an internal as well as external (transdermal) approach to resolve bioaccumulation. The program consists of two supplements, synergistically affecting the detoxification pathways. The Detoxinol creme is applied directly to the area of skin over the liver. When applied to the local tissue, Detoxinol penetrates deep into the tissue and stimulates the release of hepatic-toxins into the intestinal tract. ULTRA D, an orally ingested supplement, is formulated to bind and remove the toxins released as the result of the Detoxinol. ULTRA D also helps cleanse the blood and adipose (fat) tissue, places where toxins can be extremely difficult to remove.

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Suggested Use:
Week 1: Start with 1-2 capsules, once daily (am). Open capsule into large glass (10oz) water.
Week 2: Take 2 capsules, twice daily (am-pm).
Week 3 and beyond: Take 2-4 capsules, twice daily (am-pm).

Take UltraD with a full glass of water (10oz) on an empty stomach. For best results, use with detoxinol.

Psyllium (husk) Plantago Psyllium …500mg
Calcium EDTA …300mg
Rice Bran Oryza Sativa …250mg
Garlic (root) Allium Sativa …200mg
Peppermint (leaf) Mentha Piperita …200mg
Asparagus Powder …200mg
Senna (leaf) Senna Alexandria …200mg
Artichoke Leak Powder …175mg
Ginger (root) Zingiber Officinale …125mg
L-Glutamine …125mg
Chlorophylin Powder …125mg
Cinnamon (bark) Cinnamonum Aramaticum …100mg
Cascara Sagrada (bark) Rhamnus Purshiana …100mg
Parsley (leaf) Petroselenium Sativum …100mg
Fennel (seed) Foeniculum Vulgare …100mg
Tumeric …100mg
Watercress …100mg
Wild Yam Powder …75mg
Beta Glucans …75mg



Do not use if experiencing gastric distress, obstruction, or if you have difficulty swallowing. Consult your physician or licensed health care professional if you have digestive disturbances or are on medication. Take UltraD 1 hour prior or post prescription medications.


Sabre Sciences, Inc.

Sabre Sciences has been one of the fastest growing Laboratories that provide endocrine testing/support.  Sabre Science has been a pioneer in its field, bringing alternatives to HRT to the offices of practitioners across the nation.Click to Read More

Accumulated stress and hormonal dysfunction cause many physical and emotional problems. Measuring your hormones for baseline levels and bringing these levels into balance could be the answer to physical and emotional well-being.

It is very important to understand that there must be adrenal balance, electrolyte balance, amino acid balance, and blood sugar balance to achieve sex hormone balance.
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