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Metametrix Porphyrins Profile Urine

Metametrix Porphyrins Profile Urine can help identify the severity of heavy metal toxicity or organic chemical exposure. Chemical exposure and a heavy toxic burden can have physiological effects resulting in impaired metabolism and cellular function. Simple urine collection, you receive the results.

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What are porphyrins?

Porphyrins are proteins involved in the formation of heme, the carrier protein for iron in hemoglobin. Heme + iron or hemoglobin complex is what carries oxygen throughout our body. Heme must be present to conserve iron and transport oxygen throughout your body. Porphyrins also support cells in the liver which are responsible for detoxification.

Proper porphyrin production is essential for our body’s capacity to detoxify toxins.

Why should I use the Metametrix Toxic Effects

SM Porphyrins Profile?

With a simple overnight urine collection, the Porphyrins Profile measures seven porphyrins, total porphyrins, and two ratios to help identify the effects of metal toxicity and to see which therapy is right. It also measures patterns of specific porphyrin evaluations which serve as functional markers of toxicity from toxic metals or organic chemicals.

Testing porphyrins can identify…

• The level of biochemical damage caused by toxicant exposure

• Mercury’s effect in patients with amalgams

• Toxicity of patients before and during chelation therapy

• The toxicity of therapeutic drugs

• Possible differentiation of specific heavy metal toxicity

Toxicity can cause these clinical conditions…

• Multiple chemical sensitivity

• Behavioral and learning disorders

• Immune dysfunction

• Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Neurological and mental/emotional disorders

• Anemias

Also helpful in identifying toxicities found in Autism Spectrum Disorders

(ASD) and formulating treatment interventions due to:

• Poor detoxification and sulfation

• Heavy metal burden



Metametrix Laboratories and Genova Diagnostics Have Merged! Metametrix provides metabolic, toxicant, and nutritional testing to help identify the underlying causes of chronic disease. Much of the healthcare industry is focused on treating symptoms rather than investigating underlying causes. The mission of Metametrix is to improve health worldwide by providing clinical laboratory tests that identify nutritional imbalances and toxicities underlying chronic diseases. Physicians use our testing services to custom tailor nutritional therapies, detoxification programs and other lifestyle changes that can result in significant, positive impact on patient outcome. If the Metametrix test you want is not listed here please call we can get it for you. Genova Labs has nowed merged with Metametrix so you get two great labs in one! How to buy a labtest online. 1. Purchase on our secure website. 2. Lab order is provided by us. 3. You receive in the mail a collection kit to collect saliva, urine, or fingerstick at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require blood draw at a lab of your choosing. 4. You receive the results by email within 2-3 weeks. 5. Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test. Not available in MD. Some tests not available in NY. How do I know what test I need? 1. If you are already working with a practitioner ask them for their recommendation. 2. Get recommendations from our wellness practitioners with a phone consultation. 3. Check out our Metametrix Test Selection Guide
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