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Pure Encapsulations GlyMag-Z 30pkts

SKU: PU0941
Pure Encapsulations GlyMag-Z 30pkts offers a combination of the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine and magnesium to provide support for occasional sleeplessness.
-Promotes healthy circadian rhythm and sleep quality*
•Research suggests glycine and magnesium promote healthy sleep quality and suprachiasmatic nuclei function, the area in the brain responsible for controlling circadian rhythms*
•Glycine has been associated with healthy sleep properties, including postsynaptic inhibition responsible for REM sleep atonia and a decreased core body temperature associated with sleep*
•In a small study involving sleep deprived volunteers, 3 g of glycine enhanced subjective sleep quality, sleep onset time and daytime alertness*
-Portable, single-serving packets
-Great-tasting lemon-lime flavor
GlyMag-Z provides convenient single-serving packets designed to promote healthy sleep quality and relaxation.

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