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Pure Encapsulations EndoLOX 60c

SKU: PU0954
Pure Encapsulations EndoLOX 60c is designed to support cardiovascular health with key Mediterranean diet ingredients, including pomegranate, olive fruit and resveratrol, a critical component of red wine. The blend supports powerful antioxidant defenses to promote vascular tissue, lipoprotein metabolism, endothelial function and cellular health.
EndoLOX offers support for healthy vascular gene expression, endothelial function, arterial wall integrity and blood flow. The formula is designed to enhance LOX-1 receptor function to support healthy lipoprotein metabolism. LOX-1 is a macrophage receptor protein involved with binding and breaking down lipoproteins. Research suggests berberine, ellagic acid, and resveratrol moderate LOX-1 receptor function, in part by supporting antioxidant defenses, cytokine production, and healthy iNOS activity. Additionally, the formula
offers a number of unique extracts designed to provide powerful antioxidant support to promote healthy lipoprotein status and cellular membrane stabilization. First, enhanced absorption isoquercetin offers 2–6 times higher bioavailabity compared to quercetin. In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 93 subjects, supplementation with 150 mg quercetin provided antioxidant support to maintain healthy lipoprotein status and promoted healthy blood flow. Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruit is included for its ability to promote healthy cytokine balance and moderate the expression of vascular adhesion molecules. In a randomized controlled trial involving 18 individuals supplemented with olive
oil, olive oil with a high polyphenol content offered enhanced antioxidant support for healthy lipoprotein metabolism.

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