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Newton RX Food Allergy Formula #85 1 oz

BrandNewton Rx

Newton RX Food Allergy Formula #85 1 oz.

Food Allergy Formula #85 1 oz

Antimonium crud. 10x
Argentum nit. 10x
Arsenicum alb. 10x
Baptisia 10x
Carduus ben. 3x
Cinchona 10x
Gelsemium 10x
Ipecacuanha 10x
Iris vers. 3x
Lachesis 10x
Lycopodium 10x
Natrum mur. 10x
Rhus tox. 10x
Sepia 10x
Solidago 3x
Verbascum 3x
Food additive nosodes.
See insert.
15% alcohol.


Adults take 6 drops once daily, or every 20 minutes until symptoms abate, or as directed by your health care provider. A child's dose is 2-3 drops.


Safety sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.

About the Manufacturer

NEWTON Rx Professional Homeopathic Complexes comprise the most advanced and diverse clinical formulations available to health professionals today. Over 35 years of Clinical Homeopathic experience in every formulation! If you need safe and effective medicine, you can rely on NEWTONRx, the Natural way to heal.

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