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 NewMark, reflecting our commitment to making a “new mark” in practitioner supplementation, one that promises safety, efficacy, purity, quality, and perhaps most importantly, Life Sustaining Life.

It the professional division of New Chapter®, a company founded twenty-five years ago by master herbalist and leading herbal researcher Paul Schulick. His mission was to create a supplement line that utilized the finest organic ingredients and most innovative manufacturing methods to deliver what was missing from so many conventional supplement lines—the Healing Wisdom of Nature. His best-selling book: Ginger, Common Spice and Wonder Drug, now in its third edition, paid homage to one of the world’s oldest and best researched herbal remedies that is also considered a key component of almost all of Paul’s formulations—ginger.

Fifteen years later, Paul invited his dear friend and life-long nature enthusiast Tom Newmark to join the mission. Tom jumped at the opportunity to pursue his true life’s passions: herbal medicine and the global organic mission. Together, they helped to create Luna Nueva, the company’s 160+ acre organic and biodynamic ginger and turmeric spice estate near the Children’s Rainforest of Costa Rica, as a world model for organic sustainable agriculture. Paul and Tom co-authored Beyond Aspirin (Hohm Press 2000) and, with Dr. Richard Sarnat, The Life Bridge (Herbal Free Press 2002), and have collaborated on the creation of several patented herbal formulations, including Zyflamend®, a revolutionary product inspired by the science connecting a healthy inflammation response to whole-body health and longevity*. The unique patented formulation and advanced supercritical extraction technology utilized for many of the herbs in Zyflamend have attracted the attention of prestigious research institutions across the country including Columbia University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

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