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Products by NEURVANA Products

NEURVANA™ is cutting edge for extending longevity, slower aging, peak body-and-brain performance and a renewed youthful function. With sophisticated research and manufacturing facilities, NEURVANA™ is recognized for setting the standard of excellence. NEURVANA™ cutting-edge nutraceutical and cosmeceuticals are based on the latest research, advanced bio-technology, and clinical trials. They set the standard for efficacy, high quality, purity and products you can trust.

SCIENCE - Cutting edge, progressive, effective

NEURVANA's mission remains constant: to be the benchmark of excellence at the leading edge of innovation in nutraceutical science. From the beginning, their hallmark has been innovative ideas, carefully researched concepts and the development of superior formulations producing remarkable results. They combine the very best of cutting-edge health sciences with the experience of leading researchers, clinicians, and doctors in the field to produce an ever-evolving line of progressive and effective products. Neurvana's formulations incorporate the recent advances in medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and nutritional science. They partner with biotechnology companies to develop, clinically test, and manufacture novel healthcare products for the world market.

QUALITY - Guaranteed quality before your product leaves our facility

High-quality is NEURVANA's first priority with comprehensive services that meet or exceed all Current Good Manufacturing Practices. NEURVANA's laboratories are supported with the latest state-of the-art testing systems. Stringent quality control carefully scrutinizes all prospective suppliers and analyzes raw materials before release into production. Quality assurance is rigorously upheld by in-process inspections throughout manufacturing, a comprehensive product analysis and final quality control review.

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