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Neurotransmitter Tests

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing is now available to detect imbalances among your major brain chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, GABA, glutamate, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and others)!
Basing treatment on symptoms alone (traditional medicine) will not provide us with the information we need to address the underlying neurotransmitter imbalances causing your symptoms. A visit to a doctor or practitioner's office for depression involves telling them how you have been feeling emotionally. The typical depressed person leaves the office with a prescription for an antidepressant without ever having any conclusive laboratory evidence of what is causing their symptoms.



 Need Help Choosing A Test?

Here are the three test kits that meet most clients' needs. We also offer phone consultations with our doctor or nurse practitioner to review your history, symptoms, medications and supplements, then give you recommendations.

NeuroScreen Profile- Basic neurotransmitter test for those with with NO adrenal or hormone symptoms. For those with problems with attention, focus, and sadness,

NeuroAdrenal Profile-Neurotransmitter and adrenal function test for those with depressed or high mood, anxiety, panic, insomnia, obsessiveness, PTSD, pain, chronic fatigue, psychosis, memory impairment, attention and focus issues.

NeuroEndocrine Profile-Neurotransmitter, adrenal, and hormone function test for those with hormonal issues such as PMS,PCOS, peri-menopause, menopause, low sex drive, muscle loss, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, decrease in bone mass.For those also suffering with depressed or high mood, anxiety, panic, insomnia, obsessiveness, PTSD, pain, chronic fatigue, psychosis, memory impairment, attention and focus issues

Sophisticated new equipment and technology are now available to evaluate neurotransmitter imbalances using a urine or blood sample. Such testing enables us to obtain a baseline assessment of your neurotransmitter levels, helps determine the root causes for many diseases and illnesses, and paves the way for more personalized treatment of your most troubling symptoms and conditions. Laboratory analysis can now provide precise information on brain neurotransmitter deficiencies or overloads, as well as detect hormonal and nutrient co-factor imbalances which influence neurotransmitter production. Individuals require individual solutions. Testing helps to determine exactly which neurotransmitter levels are out of balance and helps to determine which therapies are needed for an individualized treatment plan. It also helps in monitoring the effectiveness of an individual's treatment.

How do you measure brain chemicals in urine?

Studies have demonstrated that intact neurotransmitters are transported from the CNS (central nervous system) to the periphery, via specific BBB (blood brain barrier) transporters, followed by renal filtration of neurotransmitters with subsequent excretion in the urine. Additionally, animal studies have suggested a relationship between neurotransmitters excreted in the urine and neurotransmitters in the CNS (Lynn-Bullock et al., 2004).

Read this article for more information: The Validity of Urinary Neurotransmitter Testings



The labs used for neurotransmitter testing are Labrix and Doctor's Data. Many tests are covered by major insurance companies including Medicare.
You are responsible for payment if your insurance fails to pay. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to find out if they cover the testing. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Below are testing CPT codes they may ask for to verify coverage.

Testing CPT codes:

  • Cortisol 82530
  • Creatinine 82570
  • DHEA 82626
  • DOPAC 84585
  • DOPAC Total 84585
  • Dopamine 80424
  • Dopamine Total 80424
  • Epinephrine 82382
  • GABA 82131
  • Glutamate 82131
  • Glycine 82131
  • Histamine 83088


To have the lab file for your insurance to cover neurotransmitter lab testing you must:

Call 800 385-7863 Ext 2 to arrange a office or phone consultation. A $80.00 consultation fee applies . This is a one time consultation fee. A NP determines which test is best for you, and establishes the insurance billing codes.

A test kit will be sent to you and you will need to include a copy of your insurance card in the test kit for the lab to bill your insurance. If you are not sure if you have a deductable or copay amount for lab work please call you insurance company.

Order online if you are not using insurance. To order a blood, hormone, or neurotransmitter test:

  1. If you are not sure which test you should have you may e-mail us at [email protected] with a brief description of your symptoms and any medications or supplements you are taking and we will recommend a test for you.
  2. Make your payment, and order the test kit.
  3. You will be mailed your neurotransmitter test kit complete with instructions, and postage paid shipping box.
  4. Collect your sample, drop test kit in any US postal service mail box, (make sure you affix the priority mail sticker included in the box).
  5. You will receive a copy of the results in 2-3 weeks.

The following are some of the brain neurotransmitter tests that determine levels of excitatory neurotransmitters and inhibitory neurotransmitters. These test are performed at a licensed clinical laboratory that is the world leader in neurochemical analysis and research. These neurotransmitter tests will give you answers as to what is going on with the neurotransmitter levels that are so important to your state of mental and physical health. These neurotransmitter lab test are useful to determine deficiencies in neurotransmitter levels as well as high or excessive neurotransmitter activity with can lead to toxicity in the brain.

Telephone Consultations are available to provide you with testing recommendations, information on your condition, as well as suggestions for treatment, diet and

Neurotransmitter Tests

lifestyle changes. You will also receive information about medication and alternatives to it, plus recommendations for a complete neurotransmitter balancing plan.

Neurotransmitters Available for Testing

Inhibitory Neurotransmitters

    • GABA-the major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain, keeps the excitatory system from becoming overactive. Relaxes and calms you down. Low GABA levels are associated with substance abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, and mood swings.
    • Serotonin- important for integrating many areas of brain function. Plays a major role in mood and emotion, increases feelings of calm and contentment. Regulates pathways involved in food craving and vomiting. Low serotonin levels result in depressed mood, anxiety, insomnia, food cravings, drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorders.

Excitatory Neurotransmitters

  • Glutamate is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain. Increased levels of glutamate can cause death to the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. Dysfunction in glutamate levels are involved in many neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and Tourette's. High levels also contribute to Depression, OCD, and Autism.
  • Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is a neurotransmitter and hormone essential to metabolism. Regulates attention, mental focus, arousal, and cognition.
  • Norepinephrine is important for mood, focused attention, and stress response. Excess levels result in mania, high blood pressure, anxiety.
  • Dopamine plays a significant role in the cardiovascular, renal, hormonal, and central nervous systems. Involved in motor control, behavior, pleasure-reward, addiction, drive, motivation, concentration, and memory.
  • PEA promotes energy, elevates mood and is involved in attention, focus, and cognition. It has been implicated in migraines, ADD/ADHD, psychotic disorders, and Autism.
  • Histamine is involved in allergy and inflammatory response. Excess histamine is associated with headaches, migraines, depression, allergies, obsessions. and compulsions.


Neuroadrenal Panel-Consult Included

Price $325.00
Sku labrix NAd

HPA NeuroAdrenal NeuroTransmitter Profile

Price $325.00

NeuroBasic Neurotransmitter Test- Consult Included

Price $239.00
Sku labrix NB

NeuroHormone Complete Panel Plus

Price $399.00
Sku labrix nh +

NeuroHormone Panel Neurotransmitter,Hormone, Adrenal Test

Price $379.00
Sku labrix nh

Telephone Consultation

Price $80.00
Sku tele

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