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Test or Guess! Find out if a neurotranmitter imbalance is causing your symptoms

Neurotransmitter test kits specific to the symptoms you may be suffering from such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

 Studies have demonstrated that intact neurotransmitter are transported from the CNS to the periphery, via specific BBB transporters, followed by renal filtration of neurotransmitters with subsequent excretion in the urine. Additionally, animal studies have suggested a relationship between neurotransmitters excreted in the urine and neurotransmitters in the CNS (Lynn-Bullock et al., 2004).

 For more information on neurotransmitter testing and insurance reimbursement click here!

Neurotransmitter test kits can be sent anywhere in the world. Telephone Consultations are only available to US residents.

Not sure which test you need? Phone consultations are available with a practitioner.

How does this work?

  1.  Purchase online
  2.  Doctors order provided
  3.  Collect saliva, urine, or fingerstick at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require blood draw at a lab of your choosing.
  4.  You receive the results.
  5.  Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test.

Not available in MD.


Neuroadrenal Panel-Consult Included
SKU: labrix NAd

NeuroBasic Neurotransmitter Test- Consult Included
SKU: labrix NB

NeuroHormone Complete Panel Plus
SKU: labrix nh +

NeuroHormone Panel Neurotransmitter,Hormone, Adrenal Test
SKU: labrix nh

Neurotransmitter Test Comprehensive
SKU: dd nb comp

Telephone Consultation
SKU: tele

Urinary Neurotransmitter Test w/consult
SKU: dd-nba

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