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Metagenics Endura Optimizer Chocolate 2 lbs

Metagenics Endura Optimizer Chocolate 2 lbs is an advanced, sustained energy and recovery formula developed for the endurance athlete. It delivers a balanced blend of peptide-bonded amino acids,glucose polymers, and fructose (a preferred natural sweetener), offering a superb source of metabolic fuel to working muscles and other tissues.◆
The blend of carbohydrate energy sources in Endura Optimizer has been scientifically designed to help performance and endurance.◆
Sustained Energy and Recovery Formula◆
Endura Optimizer is an advanced, easy-to-digest energy formula developed for athletes and individuals who demand a superb source of fuel for prolonged exertion.◆ Protein is essential to muscle recovery. Endura Optimizer features whey protein hydrolysate, known to have the highest “biological value” of any protein. The hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is designed for excellent absorption and utilization.
Endura Optimizer is suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals.

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