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Life Extension CR Mimetic Longevity Formula 60 vcaps

SKU: L42966
Life Extension CR Mimetic Longevity Formula 60 vcaps.
Life Extension has gone to extraordinary lengths to identify those compounds that simulate calorie restriction’s ability to trigger youthful gene expression— the process by which genes transmit signals that slow certain aspects of aging. In 2003, we introduced standardized extract of resveratrol. In 2009, we introduced the "other" resveratrol, pterostilbene, a compound whose effects were found to work in synergy with resveratrol to activate your longevity genes.
We’ve brought together the five known calorie restriction mimetics ... trans-resveratrol, trans-pterostilbene, quercetin, grape seed polyphenols, and black tea extract1-9 in one, high potency formula. And to that we’ve now added a sixth to formulate CR Mimetic!
This innovative formulation features the little-known flavonoid fisetin (which is most abundantly found in strawberries). It is the sixth compound shown to simulate a youthful gene expression pattern similar to calorie restriction10 without significant dietary modification.
Fisetin may also enhance the effects of resveratrol.11 Researchers have uncovered compelling evidence of fisetin’s ability to stabilize resveratrol by shielding it from metabolic breakdown11 ... thus extending its effects.
Fisetin has been shown to have the power to "switch on" powerful cell signaling molecules that support youthful gene expression, DNA protection, and healthy cellular function.10 Fisetin also supports aging neurons in the presence of oxidative stress.12-14
And each serving of CR Mimetic Longevity Formula contains fisetin in an amount equivalent to 2 cups of strawberries, helping to further emulate calorie restriction's favorable influence on your longevity genes.
This unique formula provides cutting-edge broad-spectrum support for youthful gene expression from the most scientifically validated, natural sources.

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