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Is Cleansing and Detoxing Good for Your Health?

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Character is a long-standing habit.


The same can be said of health. Yet, even the most diligent and health-conscious of us will need some help from time to time.

For that reason, even if you practice intermittent fasting, establishing sustainable everyday detox habits is an equally important step towards better health.

The environment we live in is full of toxins. We inhale them in the air we breathe, ingest them with our food and water, and absorb them through the pores in our skin. Even the personal care products and cleaning supplies that we take for granted are full of poisons harmful to our bodies.

The human body also produces its own toxins. Our metabolic processes result in chemical wastes which can compromise our health.

The accumulation of all these harmful substances in the body is known as “toxic load.” Medical researchers estimate that nearly 75% of the diseases that afflict us are largely due to the toxicity of our systems. Headaches, chronic respiratory illness, cancer, and even autism have been linked to the accumulation of unsafe chemicals in the body.

How often should you cleanse and detox your body?

One of the keys to building health over a lifetime is to support your body’s detox apparatus continuously. This, of course, means adopting healthy lifestyle practices you can use to cleanse your body daily.

If we don’t, our cells can become overloaded with toxins and our health can suffer.

Detoxification is not a one-time or even seasonal event, it can be a powerful self-healing tool for supporting your body.

What is the healthiest way to cleanse and detox your body?

Think of detoxification as a continuous set of biological processes that your body needs to survive and thrive. It is important to seal and heal your leaky gut before adding these simple detoxification habits, otherwise, you’ll wind up recirculating your toxic waste. 

While it is impossible to completely eliminate your exposure to toxins, following these steps can greatly diminish their impact on your health.

  • If you haven’t addressed your gut health yet, we recommended beginning with a nutritional support supplement for the gastrointestinal track. We like using OptiTox along with 4-flora to rebalance the system.
4flora front 700x700

4-Flora (Formally Tri-Flora) – Multi-Strain Probiotic



Opti-Tox (Vanilla Delight)


  • Get plenty of restorative sleep. Adequate rest is critical to your body’s ability to heal itself and perform its many biological functions properly.
  • Plan your meals with good nutrition in mind. Proper nutritional balance is important for maintaining healthy organ function, especially the excretion of toxic elements through the liver.
  • Adapt a stress management technique that suits your lifestyle, such as yoga or meditation. Stress is responsible for the production of hormones which can be harmful, leading to heart disease and other severe illness; stress management reduces levels of these hormones and boosts your ability to cope with the challenges of life.
  • Physical activity heightens your body’s ability to excrete toxins. Exercise is important to the success of your detoxification efforts, in addition to being necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid behaviors that are detrimental to your health like smoking or drinking alcohol in excess, and stay away from artificial stimulants like caffeine. These substances will inevitably slow down your detoxification progress.
  • Taking herbal detoxification supplements can strengthen liver detoxification pathways. There are several detoxifying herbs available in either tea or capsule form like dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, and red clover. Or, purchase one of our body cleansing supplements. These consist of natural detox products that flush toxins from your liver and colon, restoring optimal function. We recommend a trio of Leaky Gut Repair, 4-Flora, and Stay Balanced.
Stay Balanced Ip Product

Stay Balanced


leakygut front

Leaky Gut Repair Powder


  • Drink plenty of water. Adequate hydration is needed to remove toxic elements from your body.
  • Massage therapy is not only relaxing and restorative, but it also allows your body to excrete toxins up to 200 times faster than on its own.
  • Take a sauna or a hot bath regularly. The skin is a major excretory organ, and the heat of a sauna or bath opens the pores and increases your body’s rate of natural detoxification.
  • Reduce exposure to toxic elements. An air filter in your home will drastically improve the quality of the air you breathe; use natural cleaners and personal care products whenever possible to prevent the absorption of toxins through your skin.

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