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Heavy Metal Testing with Provocation

SKU: gen-utecp
Proactive Urine Testing for Heavy Metals
Urine is collected following the administration of achallenge agent (DMSA) targeting specific toxic elements, which can help identify tissue burden from prior exposures. Depending on the agent administered, urine collection may be spot or short-term (2-6 hours),intermediate (8-12 hours) or a complete 24-hour collection. Since many detoxification agents are element-specific, this approach is best utilized when the clinician suspectsspecific heavy metal toxicities.
Includes DMSA. Take capsules and collect urine for 6 hours. You receive test results. Consultations are available for an additional fee.
Health Consequences of Toxic Exposure
Evidence suggests that chronic toxic element exposure can adversely affect:

Energy levels
Reproductive function
Cancer risk
Neurological development and function
Respiratory, cardiac, hepatic, and immune functions
Cognitive and emotional health
Degenerative conditions

Toxins and Sources of Exposure
Accumulations of these toxins can occur in the human body in response to occupational exposures or to environmental exposures from toxic release in air, soil, or industrial waste systems. These sources include:

Metal refining
Plating and parts manufacturing in aerospace and machine tool industries
Fabrication of nuclear reactor fuel assemblies
Electronics and computer manufacturing

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