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Health Concerns Colostroplex (Bovine Colostrom) 60t

BrandHealth Concerns

Health Concerns Colostroplex (Bovine Colostrom) 60t restores gastrointestinal function and is thought to improve gastrointestinal immunity, therefore it has many uses

  1. Impaired immune regulation
  2. Bacterial gastroenteritis with diarrhea; chronic diarrhea
  3. Food intolerance, Candidiasis
  4. May be a growth hormone potentiator, and helpful to ""failure to thrive"" children
  5. Has been used experimentally for CMV retinitis


Bovine Colostrum Complex (IgG 25% Lactoferrin 7.1 mg/gm IGF)

Usage: Internal: 1 to 4 tablets daily, between meals 60 tablets, 500 mg, 60 day supply

About the Manufacturer


Health Concerns' formulas are created on the basis of traditional Chinese Medicine and modern biochemistry and developed by experienced practitioners such as Dr. Fung Fung, Andrew Gaeddert, Misha Cohen, Bob Flaws, and Jake Fratkin. Health Concerns is dedicated to promoting the benefits of herbal therapies by providing the highest quality herbal products available today. HCN understands that the traditional means of administering Traditional Chinese Medicine, through the brewing and drinking of teas is not often effective for Western patients and have therefore developed a wide range of products based on TCM formulas in a tablet form. Health Concerns also knows that much of the benefit of herbal therapies relies on a sophisticated use of combinations of herbs tailored to the specific symptoms and aliments of the patient. Therefore, almost all of their products are sold to and distributed through professional health practitioners.

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