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Evolve Nutrients Ultimate Longevity Formula 2.0 fl oz (60 mL) (2months Supply)


Evolve Nutrients Ultimate Longevity Formula 2.0 fl oz (60 mL) (2months Supply).

Comprehensive Formula Designed To Detoxify and Renew. The World’s First Patent-Pending Nanosphere Delivery System. With Up To 6X More Absorption.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Ingredients
-Only pure, pharmaceutical-grade 
ingredients are used. Our formulas do not contain fillers, binders or excipients (which are 
found in almost all traditional vitamins).

Scientifically Formulated For Maximum Absorbency
-Our formulas contain the only nano delivery system transporting nutrients directly to cells and tissues where they are immediately used.

Real Results
-“I'm now more active than I used to be and I attribute that to this product. I rarely have joint or back pain anymore. I'm feeling great and exercising every day now. Feeling great for an old guy!” Proven Technology
Backed by over 20 years of nanotechnology, clinical studies and research from leading hospitals, universities and laboratories.

-Evolve’s Longevity is safe for people of all ages and for those suffering from digestive disorders making swallowing or absorption difficult. With no adverse side effects like stomach irritation.

Advanced Nanotechnology Greatly Enhances Bioavailability
-Evolve Longevity delivers essential nutraceuticals directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorbency. Nutrients are encapsulated in Nanospheres which help shield against dilution and
degradation. As a result, Evolve’s Longevity provides fast and significant results you can feel.

Synergistic Blend of Ingredients. Key Benefits 
-Support increased longevity through speedy cellular renewal. • Effectively scavenge free radicals and block oxidative damage. • Support general detoxification 
processes including liver detox. • Enable cells to perform life sustaining metabolic processes. • Activate youthful genetic processes.• Maintain youthful integrity of 
blood vessels for overall cardiovascular health. • Protect delicate brain and nerve cells from age-related damage. • Enhance immune functions.• Activate mitochondria to 
generate energy-producing ATP for life processes.


Beginning Dose 
Start by taking 1 pump, twice daily. 
Therapeutic Dose 
Gradually increase to 2 pumps, twice daily. 
• Shake the bottle well before use. 
• Tilt your head back slightly and point the nozzle toward yourself. 
• Pump the Nanosphere Gel onto the floor of your mouth, behind the bottom row of teeth. 
• Wait to enjoy and swallow. 
• Wipe and re-lock the nozzle after each use. 
Serving Size: 2 pumps (460 mcl) 
Servings Per Container: 120
• Resveratrol – This potent antioxidant activates the enzyme Sirtuin 1 that regulates a cell’s lifespan 
and speeds cellular repair. It also has neuro-protective and cardio-protective functions.
• EDTA – This chelating agent binds to metal ions and helps draw them out of the body, serving to 
detoxify the body.
• Lipoic acid – A powerful antioxidant, lipoic acid helps protect mitochondria, the energy-producing 
components of cells and supports increased ATP levels. It also works synergistically with other 
antioxidants (such as vitamin C and vitamin E) to renew their antioxidant capabilities.
• L-Carnosine – Concentrated in the brain and muscle tissue, this amino acid compound has unique 
protective properties, shielding high-energy use areas from the negative effects of energy 
• Haritaki – Rich in polyphenols, this fruit-based compound works with glutathione to detoxify the 
body and support the body’s natural healing processes.
• Gotu Kola – This Ayurvedic herb has been dubbed “the elixir of life.” It’s widely referenced for 
cognitive and nervous system support. May help reduce states of anxiousness.
• CoQ10 – This compound is found in virtually every cell of the body. It’s needed for cells to do the 
work of generating energy through ATP, healthy electron activity and cellular respiration.
• Beta-Glucan – This nutrient provides support for healthy immune system activity.
• Iodine – A trace element, iodine helps chelate heavy metals and supports healthy body 
• Pine bark extract – A concentrated source of proanthocyanidins, this extract helps stabilize proteins 
(collagen and elastin) in connective tissue, blood vessels and muscle.
• Green tea extract – A rich source of polyphenols (specifically EGCG), green tea has potent
• antioxidant properties that support the efficient maintenance of many body systems.
• Full-spectrum pomegranate extract – Cultivated for its therapeutic antioxidant activities, this 
pomegranate extract contains a full range of active constituents, including polyphenols, punicalagins, 
pucinic acid and ellagic acid.
Evolve Nutrients is produced under strict GMP manufacturing controls in conformance with guidelines 
for dietary supplements set forth by the FDA. Evolve contains no preservatives ● no artificial flavoring, 
sweetener or color ● gluten-free ● GMO-free ● Made in the USA.

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