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Evolve Nutrients Men's Complete Formula 1.9 fl oz (55 mL) (2 months Supply)


Evolve Nutrients Men's Complete Formula 1.9 fl oz (55 mL) (2 months Supply)

Men’s Complete Formula 1.9 fl oz. by Evolve. 

Providing Specific Nutritional Components Necessary to Support Men’s Health. The World’s First Patent-Pending Nanosphere Delivery System. With Up To 6X More Absorption.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Ingredients

- Only pure, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are used. Our formulas do not contain fillers, binders or excipients.

Scientifically Formulated For Maximum Absorbency

- Our formulas contain the only nano delivery system transporting nutrients directly to cells and tissues where they are immediately used. 

Real Results

“I’ve been taking this formula for a while now. I'm really impressed with the technology. There is nothing else like it on the market.”

Proven Technology

- Backed by over 20 years of nanotechnology, clinical studies and research from leading hospitals, universities and laboratories.


- Evolve Men’s is safe for people of all ages and for those suffering from digestive disorders making swallowing or absorption difficult.
With no adverse side effects like stomach irritation.

Advanced Nanotechnology Greatly Enhances Bioavailability

- Evolve Men’s delivers essential nutraceuticals directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorbency. Nutrients are encapsulated in Nanospheres which help shield against dilution and degradation. As a result, Evolve’s Men’s provides fast and significant results you can feel.

Synergistic Blend of Ingredients. Key Benefits 

Improve mental and physical performance
• Promote lean muscle mass • Support healthy testosterone levels • Support prostate health • Enhance sexual health and performance • Fight age-related physiological 
decline • Help maintain strong bones and delay age-related bone decline • Support focus and concentration.



Beginning Dose 
Start by taking 1 pump, twice daily.

Therapeutic Dose 
Gradually increase to 2 pumps, twice daily.

• Shake the bottle well before use. 
• Tilt your head back slightly and point the nozzle toward yourself. 
• Pump the Nanosphere Gel onto the floor of your mouth, behind the bottom row of teeth. 
• Wait to enjoy and swallow. 
• Wipe and re-lock the nozzle after each use.

Serving Size: 2 pumps (460 mcl) 
Servings Per Container: 120

• DHEA – DHEA levels drop during the aging process. Adequate DHEA is necessary for muscular and 
cognitive support.
• Boron – This trace mineral supports healthy testosterone production and helps protect the prostate 
• Zinc – This mineral supports vitality and long-term sexual health.
• Saw Palmetto Extract – This extract concentrates the bioactive phytochemicals in the Saw Palmetto 
berry, supplying beta-sitosterol and free fatty acids that support prostate health and help regulate 
urinary flow.
• Icariin Extract – An extract of the Chinese herb Epimedium, this ingredient stimulates the body’s 
bone-building function, helps protect against oxidative damage and supports healthy sexual function.
• Osthole Extract – An extract of the Chinese herb Cnidium Monnier, this ingredient has been used for 
thousands of years to improve libido and support healthy sexual functioning.
• Beta-sitosterol – This plant phytosterol has the same function in plants that cholesterol has in 
humans. It helps manage cholesterol levels already within the normal range and supports healthy 
blood sugar levels.

Evolve Nutrients is produced under strict GMP manufacturing controls in conformance with guidelines 
for dietary supplements set forth by the FDA. Evolve contains no preservatives ● no artificial flavoring, 
sweetener or color ● gluten-free ● GMO-free ● Made in the USA.

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