Breathe Right to Focus the Mind

There are many breath control exercises you can practice that are simple to learn, proven to work quickly and easy to do anywhere. The more one concentrates on breathing, the more the external stimuli fade into the background and daily tasks become easier.

While some breathing techniques are designed to help energize a tired body, this one below helps to calm an agitated mind. At times, calming down is the best way to focus and subtly rejuvenate your energy.

The Sipping Breath Techniqueis designed to quickly calm your body and mind, while centering your focus on the task at hand.

  1. Settle into a seated position and straighten your spine.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your natural breathing pattern for a few moments.
  3. When you feel ready, place your tongue firmly against the upper palate of your mouth.
  4. With your next inhalation, slowly breathe in through your mouth. This will cause the incoming air to make a sipping sound.
  5. Once your inhalation is complete, relax your tongue, close your mouth, and hold the breath in your lungs for as long as comfortable.
  6. Release the breath through your nose.

Practice this technique 5 to 10 repetitions.
The more relaxed the state of our mind and body, the more likely we’ll focus, avoid distractions and achieve our goals in the process. Give it a try and let us know about your experience with it in the comments below.

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Meet Dr. Dave

Dr. David Scheiderer MD, MBA, DFAPA, is the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Education for Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. 

An accomplished clinician, educator, and lecturer, Dr. Dave has established himself as a key opinion leader in the fields of both mainstream psychiatry and functional medicine. Dissatisfied with the patient outcomes using only conventional treatments, he began treating his patients by addressing biological imbalances with lifestyle improvements, nutrition and nutraceuticals to get better outcomes. His integrative approach provided much improved results. Dr. Dave is passionate about helping the community he serves by personalizing treatments and educating the public about mental health and healthy aging. He has formulated several of our supplements and sat on the advisory board for many others, ensuring the products we carry are based on science and experience and have the best efficacy rates and highest ingredient quality available.

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