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BioPharma Scientific NanoGluco Control 60 caps

SKU: B03198
BioPharma Scientific NanoGluco Control 60 caps 
We would like to introduce the next generation in natural blood sugar control with no side effects Clinically proven* to be just as effective as Metformin in regulation blood sugar. GluceviaTM will have you looking at blood sugar
regulation in a new light. After many years of research we have developed a clinically proven product that answers the need of more than 79 million Americans for controlling their blood sugar.
Diabetes affects over 26 million Americans and over 366 million people worldwide. Innovation for today's generation: Naturally support glucose metabolism & insulin sensitivity.* What makes nanogluco different from the rest? Premium quality, sourcing, absorption, all natural, no side effects.* Scientifically proven to work with both complex & simple sugars.

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