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Allergy Research Group Modified Citrus Pectin Pwd 16oz

SKU: AL0119
Allergy Research Group Modified Citrus Pectin Pwd 16oz is soluble component of plant fiber derived from citrus fruit, is a complex polysaccharide rich in galactosyl and other carbohydrate varieties. When ordinary citrus pectin is beneficial in human nutrition, a new form called Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), has clearly distinguished itself as being nutritionally superior. Prepared to the standards set forth by Dr. Pienta, who has done most of the research on Modified Citrus Pectin. Same as Modified Citrus Pectin capsules, in a more economical powdered form. Modified citrus pectin is different from other pectin because of the way it is prepared. It is modified by a proprietary process, which reduces the molecular weight of the pectin molecule. Derived from organic citrus pectin. Average molecular weight: 30kD; pH: 6.0-7.2; Methoxylation: not more than 5%.

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