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Allergy Research Group GlucoFit 60sg (Previously GlucoTrim)

SKU: AL0202
Allergy Research Group GlucoFit 60sg (Previously GlucoTrim) is an all natural, herbal supplement to support the body in blood sugar regulation. GlucoFit™ is an extract of the herb Lagerstroemia speciosa L., processed by water extraction and standardized to 1% corosolic acid. Research has shown that corosolic acid, the active triterpenoid, helps regulate blood sugar within normal levels by supporting glucose metabolism and activating glucose transport and uptake. In addition, it has been shown to support carbohydrate metabolism. GlucoFit™ was used in a placebo-controlled blood glucose study involving ten people. After a two-week supplementation period using 2 capsules of GlucoFit™ daily (supplying .48 mg of corosolic acid), benefit was observed.

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