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Psychiatric Medicine Consultations

Our Integrative Approach to Health

We at Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. (IP ) are committed to helping you enjoy a better quality of life by empowering you to build and maintain your optimal health and well-being.  We do this by practicing an innovative model of health care called integrative psychiatry.  A branch of functional medicine – also known as integrative medicine or curative medicine – integrative psychiatry depends on a partnership between the patient and the doctor, where the goal is to treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – all at the same time. 

Although many Americans have never heard of integrative psychiatry, this holistic approach represents an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the health care needs of the 21st century that is being embraced by the nation’s medical schools, universities, and hospitals. 

In general, integrative medicine has been described as an approach to care that puts the patient, not the illness, at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental influences that determine an individual’s health and happiness. 

Our holistic practice combines cutting edge science with ancient practices to personalize the evaluation and treatment of each and every patient.  As a first step, we evaluate and treat your most troubling symptoms with a special focus on mood, memory, energy, sleep, and weight.  Symptom relief, while often necessary to free you up to more effectively grow and pursue happiness, is rarely sufficient.  So, at Integrative Psychiatry we strive to move beyond the mere “disease care” of conventional medicine to provide health-building, preventive, and regenerative care. Care that will give you heightened vitality, improved weight management, and enhanced emotional well-being. 

Even if you are currently “disease free,” we want to work with you to maintain and augment your health, propelling you toward increased wellness and happiness. 

Because you are more than a simple sum of your signs and symptoms, we at Integrative Psychiatry take great pride in our innovative approach to your health and happiness.  Let us know how we can help. 

Office Consultations:

Initial Consultation, or lab reviews: $380.00
Follow up consultation:$190.00

Consultation Forms:

What to bring to an office visit:

  • Medical Insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • Payment  (Cash,Debit, Credit Card, Money Order ) .  We do not accept checks. 




Services We Provide

  • Consultations - In office, on phone, and via telepsychiatry
  • Specialized Laboratory Testing - neurotransmitters, hormones, adrenal function, immune activity, "leaky gut"
  • Medication Management
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling
  • Supplements and Nutraceuticals

 Dr. Dave's Welcome Message (The Name Sign was the Director's ((Cecily ) ) Idea )


Online Psychiatrist Telehealth & Phone Consultations:

If you live in the state of Florida you can have a online visit with our psychiatrist and receive medication prescriptions for non-controlled substances.

Telephone consultations to determing the cause of your symptoms and recommend testing and supplements is available for those anywhere in the world.

Telephone Consultations / Click to Purchase

Dr. Dave:

60 minute phone consultation $380.00

Valerie Balandra ARNP, BC

20 minute Phone Consultation: $80.00

30 minute Phone Consultation: $100.00


Online Cognitive Psychiatric Evaluations:


Psychiatric Evaluation / Click to Purchase

A mental health assessment that consists of a computerized Cognitive Assessment, NeuroPsych Questionnaire, Life Habits Checklist, and Medical Symptom Questionnaire. Your results are then reviewed by a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a treatment plan with supplement recommendations is completed.
With a telephone or office consultation $120.00.
Without a consultation 80.00


If you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment, you must notify our office a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled time or you will be charged for that appointment. Methods of payment are: Money Order, Visa,Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover.To schedule an appointment please call us at 800 385-7863 ext 2.  We find it very helpful if you complete the Initial Evaluation Form and fax, mail or email it back to the office before your telephone appointment. You can email it to [email protected]


Dr. Dave on his Approach in Treating The Epidemic that is Depression












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