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ZRT Labs

ZRT Laboratory is committed to delivering convenient, minimally-invasive saliva and blood spot testing services. Using cutting edge technology, ZRT Laboratory test products help to identify preventable hormone imbalances. ZRT Laboratory’s comprehensive test report provides information to help monitor hormone usage and restore hormonal balance.

ZRT Laboratory is an independently owned and operated CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified hormone testing facility.

CardioMetabolic Profile Blood Spot

Price $184.00
Sku zrtcardio

Complete Thyroid Profile

Price $240.00
Sku zrtthy

Comprehensive Hormone Profile 1

Price $299.00
Sku zrthorm

Female Blood Profile I (Blood Spot)

Price $189.00
Sku zrtfem1

Female Blood Profile II (Blood Spot)

Price $349.00
Sku zrtfem2

Male Blood Profile I (Blood Spot)

Price $189.00
Sku zrtmale1

Male Blood Profile II (Blood Spot)

Price $349.00
Sku zrtmale2

Vitamin D, 25-OH

Price $110.00

ZRT 15 Panel Neurotransmitters NeuroAdvanced Profile Dried Urine Kit

Price $299.00
Sku ZRT15

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