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Weight Management Genetic Test


Weight management is a complex process. No single gene is responsible for weight loss or gain; however GenoVive has identified a panel of 22 genetic markers that provide a comprehensive insight into individual weight management. A SNP is a type of DNA sequence variation within a genotype (individual genetic makeup). Of these gene variants, some provide information on dietary factors and other provides information on physical activity, with some variants providing insight on both diet and exercise.

The gene variants reveal details about how our body processes fats and carbohydrates and how it responds to physical activity. Some variants indicate decreased efficiency processing carbohydrates, while others identify challenges with fat metabolism. Still other variants indicate which individuals require a higher level of physical activity to maintain a healthy weight. The GenoVive Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Profile Report will provide these and many more insights into our own unique metabolism.

Testing is performed on the DNA collected from on cheek cells which are obtained by brushing the three swabs on the inside of the mouth.

How does this work?

1. Purchase online

2. Doctors order provided by us.

3. Collect cheek swab at home and mail to the lab.

4. You receive the results.

5. Practitioner phone consultations available.


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