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Vitanica CholestBlend 90c


Vitanica CholestBlend 90c. This formulation features the results of the latest research to enhance cholesterol health naturally. Policosanol, a plant sterol, has emerged as our most reliable natural substance in improving all aspects of cholesterol profiles by interfering with the absorption of cholesterol. Vitamin C, garlic, guggulipid and artichoke also reduce total cholesterol, while policosanol, guggulipid, artichoke, garlic and pantethine help reduce LDL. Raising HDL modestly can be seen with policosanol and vitamin C. Lowering triglycerides can be seen with policosanol and guggulipid. Suitable for vegetarians.

Cholesterol Support

Suitable for Vegetarians

Serving Size: 1 Capsule


Vitamin C ...330mg
(as calcium ascorbate, buffered)
Pantethine ...125mg
Policosanol ...20mg
Artichoke extract (5% cyarin) ...250mg
Guggulipid extract ...80mg
(2.5% Z & E guggulsterones)
Garlic (10,000 ppm allicin) ...50mg

Contains - Vegetable cellulose and water

Does Not Contain - Preservatives, binders, artificial coloring or flavoring, sucrose, glucose, starch, lactose, salt, whey, soy, milk

About the Manufacturer


Vitanica's entire product line is vegetarian suitable with the use of plant based capsules.

Vitanica's herbs and extracts are selected on the basis of purity, bioactivity, and maximal therapeutic benefit. In our single herb products we use the powdered herb of the product and the standardized extract of the plant, specifying the bioactive marker ingredient.

Vitanica's products are formulated based on scientific research and/or clinical research and experience as conducted by Dr. Tori Hudson in her women's health practice. Dr. Hudson is a well respected authority on natural healthcare for women.

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