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Designs for Health Ultra B12-Folate 90 caps

SKU: DF0013
Designs for Health Ultra B12-Folate 90 caps contains B12 in both its coenzyme forms. These forms offer unique nutritional support for MS, hepatitis, neuropathies, and Bell´s Palsy. Folic acid is one of the most important and clinically valuable B vitamins. It is important to the division of cells in the body, and is essential during times of growth, such as pregnancy. [1] Vitamin B-12 also known as the "anti-fatigue vitamin" is essential for the metabolism of nerve tissue and crucial for the health of the entire nervous system. B-12 aids in the formation of red blood cells, increases energy levels, helps iron function better, and stimulates the utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Folic acid is useful in the treatment and prevention of heart disease as it effectively lowers homocysteine levels. It aids in red blood cell production, assists in amino acid conversions, and is used in the formation of the nucleic acids for RNA and DNA. Hence, it is valuable to support wound and gut healing, cancer, cervical dysplasia, hot flashes, low sex drive in menopausal women, estrogen replacement, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue, and HIV infection.

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