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Serocor 90 veg caps GABA and Serotonin Supplement

SKU: ipsero
Serocor increases the production of GABA and Serotonin.
Serocor supports the inhibitory neurotransmitter systems of serotonin and GABA that produce calming and balancing effects. A unique combination of precursor amino acids and nutraceutical cofactors activates their pathways of biosynthesis and prevent over-stimulation.
Serocor is recommended for those with difficulty:

falling asleep
staying asleep
mood swings
hyperactive tendencies.

How is Serocor different from other neurotransmitter formulas such as Travacor?
Serocor also contains metylation support and Phenyl GABA which is the activated form of GABA which crosses the blood brain barrier.

Increases Serotonin and GABA
Decreases overstimulation
Improves Sleep
Reduces sugar and carb cravings
Reduces anxiety and worry
Improves mood, reduces sadness
Reduces Obsessive tendencies

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