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Pure Encapsulations PureClear Vanilla 615 g

SKU: P13183
Pure Encapsulations PureClear Vanilla 615 g provides hypo-allergenic rice protein enhanced with free-form amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support daily wellness and liver function in a great-tasting naturally flavored and sweetened formula.
Features include:
√ 15 grams hypo-allergenic protein from rice protein concentrate
√ 1 gram l-glutamine per serving
√ Enhanced with free-form l-valine, l-methionine, l-lysine, l-threonine, l-isoleucine, l-tryptophan and glycine for highest biological value
√ Wide range of vitamins and minerals for comprehensive support
Nutritional considerations include:
√ Encourages daily wellness with complete protein and multivitamin support*
√ Supports phase I detoxification with B vitamins and branched chain amino acids*
√ Promotes phase II detoxification with taurine, choline, l-glutamine, glycine, protein, vitamins and minerals*
√ Provides antioxidant support to protect liver and cellular health with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, copper and manganese*
Recommendations: Add 1 serving to 8 oz. of water, milk or juice. Blend with fresh or frozen fruit pieces if desired. Shake, stir, or blend until smooth.

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