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Pure Encapsulations CogniMag 120c

SKU: PU0911
Pure Encapsulations CogniMag 120c.
- Magnesium-l-threonate is the form of magnesium that most readily crosses the blood brain barrier.
- Optimal brain magnesium levels support cognitive function, learning ability and working memory.
- Preliminary research suggests magnesium-l-threonate may:

Support learning ability, short and long-term memory and brain function
Promote synaptic plasticity and density in the regions of the hippocampus correlated with learning and memory

- PhytoMemory polyphenol blend maintains healthy prolyl endopeptidase (PEP) activity to protect brain neuropeptides involved in learning and memory
- Blueberry, strawberry and spinach extracts protect the central nervous system from oxidative stress and support healthy dopamine activity, GABA release, receptor function and neuronal signal transduction

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