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Psych Eval

Psych Eval (Psychiatric Evaluation)

Depression Attention and Focus Issues Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Brain Fog Memory Impairment Anxiety & Panic

Bipolar Disoder Alzheimers PTSD Schizophrenia

A mental health assessment that starts with a online Cognitive Assessment, NeuroPsych questionaire, Medical Symptom Questionaire, and ends with an in person or telephone consultation with a psychiatric nurse practitioner to go over all the results and recommend a treatment plan.

What is NeuroCognition?

“Neurocognition” refers to the higher brain functions: learning, remembering, concentrating,
solving problems, and making decisions. Neurocognitive processes are active in virtually all of
our day‐to‐day activities. Neurocognitive testing helps clinicians evaluate and describe the
health of the cognitive or higher functions of the brain.

Neurocognitive deficits represent a reduction or impairment of cognitive function in one of these areas, but particularly when
physical changes can be seen to have occurred in the brain, such as seen in neurological and
psychiatric conditions or brain injury.

A NeuroCognitive Test can give the following information on how your brain is working.

•Memory (Visual & Verbal)
•Processing Speed
•Psychomotor Speed
•Cognitive Flexibility
•Executive Function
•Reaction Time
•Overall “Score”

A NeuroPsych Questionaire gives information on:

•Attention & Impulse
•Mood Stability
•Suicide Risk


Psychiatric Evaluation: Cognitive Testing
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