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Progressive Labs Zinc Picolinate plus 60c

SKU: PL0231
Progressive Labs Zinc Picolinate plus 60c is an essential mineral which is second only to iron as the most plentiful trace element in the body. It aids in the absorption of B vitamins, it is a constituent of at least 25 enzyme systems and is a component of insulin and of superoxide dismutase. Further, zinc is essential for growth and development of the sexual organs, prostate function, it is required for protein synthesis and collagen formation, promotes healthy immune system and healing of wounds. It is important for the formation of bones and plays a role in carbohydrate and phosphorus metabolism. Zinc also allows acuity of taste and smell. Several factors including phytates, oxalates and calcium, naturally decrease zinc's bioavailability in the diet. The selective binding agent picolinic acid has been shown to promote bioavailability and intestinal absorption of dietary zinc. In young patients it was found that the symptoms of acrodermatitis enteropathica could be prevented with less than 10% the level of zinc otherwise required when supplemented with picolinic acid.The peas, lentils, buckwheat and millet in this product are carefully dired to preserve their natural nutrient content.

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