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Progressive Labs Rice Bran Oil 16oz

SKU: PL0207
Progressive Labs Rice Bran Oil 16oz. Research findings reported at a symposium sponsored by the American Heart Association indicate that Rice Bran Oil has the unique ability to lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels up to 30% without reducing HDL or ""good"" cholesterol that protects against heart attacks, and that ""...people would need to consume less than two tablespoons of the oil a day to get the benefits."" These health benefits are due to rice bran oil's natural balance of mono and poly unsaturates, unsaponfiables, and plant sterols which reduce cholesterol absorption and deposition into arteries; gamma oryzanol which reduces absorption and increases excretion of cholesterol; also contains a significant amount of naturally-occurring tocopherols (Vitamin E). Rice Bran Oil has a light, delicate flavor for use on salads. Low flavor transference makes it excellent for frying or baking without changing the taste of recipes. Long frying life and high smoke point allows you to fry, saute or stir fry without sticking, thickening, smoking and foaming. Pure rice bran oil, ideal for cooking, frying, baking and salads. This light, delicate oil has low flavor transference which makes it excellent for cooking without changing the taste of your recipe. It also has very high heat tolerance or smoke point, so you can fry, saute and stir fry without sticking, thickening, smoking or breakdown.

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