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Progressive Labs Garlic 500mg 100c

BrandProgressive Labs

Progressive Labs Garlic 500mg 100c includes vitamin B-1, B-2, Niacin (B-3) and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and sodium along with numerous amino acids and sulfur containing compounds. In addition to its obvious nutritional advantages, In the book ""Garlic: Nature's Healer"" others listed, even more important, identifiable therapeutic factors related to garlic's nutrient content including the following:

1) Godwit rays, a mitogenetic radiation factor that stimulates cell growth and rejuvenates body functions.

2) Anti-hemolytic factor responsible for garlic's beneficial effect on anemia.

3) Sugar metabolism factor useful in treating both diabetes and hypoglycemia.

4) High selenium content works as a natural pacemaker for the heart.

5) High germanium content believed beneficial in preventing and retarding tumor growth.

6) Anti-heavy metal factor neutralizes heavy metal toxicity by oral chelation.

7) Anti-oxidant factors reduces lipid peroxides and other free radical end-products.

8) All thiamine formed by the action vitamin B-1 on the sulfur containing compound all-in acts as a tonic for the body's well-being.

9) Anti-inflammatory factor from allicin reduced joint pain and swelling of arthritis.

10) Antibiotic factor produced by the action of the enzyme allinase.

11) Anti-coagulant factor methyltrisulfide identified by Japanese researchers as the key sulfur containing compound responsible for garlic's anti-clotting property

One Capsule contains: Garlic (bulb) 500mg

About the Manufacturer

Progressive Labs

Progressive Labs is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is licensed by the Texas State Department of Health, Bureau of Food and Drug Safety, and is regularly inspected by these agencies. Progressive Labs test and source their raw materials from some of the most reputable vendors in the world. This means you can expect to receive the highest quality ingredients at the most competitive price.You can be assured that their GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) meet or exceed industry standards. This means you can rely on the potency and quality of Progressive Labs products.

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