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Progressive Labs DMG 125mg 60t

SKU: PL0106
Progressive Labs DMG 125mg 60t. Many reports have appeared in Soviet scientific literature on the improved performance of their athletes when taking Vitamin B-15. The active ingredient in the original Russian B-15 formula is Dimethylglycine (DMG). In addition to confirming the Soviet studies, American researchers have shown that DMG can: 1. Increase oxygen utilization by muscle, 2. Depress muscle glycolysis, spare glycogen and, thus, enhance endurance, 3. Prevent exercise-induced hypoglycemic fatigue by normalizing blood glucose during exercise, 4. Lower blood lactate during exercise (increased blood lactate has been associated with the onset of fatigue), 5. Activate lipid metabolism, 6. Increase work tolerance, 7. Increase creatine phosphate levels, important for explosive speed and power generation, 8. Restore immune competence to X-irradiated animals, 9. Improve antibody production and cellular immune responses in humans vaccinated with antigens from a microbe that causes pneumonia, 10. Modulate excessive neural discharge in some individuals, 11. Slow aging and connective tissue degeneration. 12. Speed healing of broken bones. This simple but potent molecule is produced naturally in small amounts by the body in the metabolism of choline. Like choline, DMG is thought to be a methyl donor needed for the biosynthesis of many important molecules including carnitine, epinephrine, and creatine. An enzyme from rat liver mitochondria has been shown to transfer methyl groups from DMG to folic acid, necessary for the synthesis of DNA. This enzyme may provide a clue to understanding how DMG is able to enhance aerobic endurance and stamina.

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