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Progressive Labs Amino Blend 90c

BrandProgressive Labs

Progressive Labs Amino Blend 90c is formulated with 21 free form amino acids including all nine dietary essential (and semi-essential) amino acids in proportions which simulate the amino acid profile of glandular tissue. The drawbacks listed above are not present with Amino Blend supplementation because: 1.) It is made from pure amino acids -- no fat, no preservatives, no polypeptides, 2.) It is hypoallergenic -- no allergic food reactions. 3.) The amino acids are already completely digested for easier utilization, 4.) Internal nutritive mixtures use free amino acids as their source of dietary nitrogen. Amino acids are necessary for growth and maintenance of all intra- and extra-cellular tissue. Stress in the form of disease, trauma, vigorous exercise, overworking or aging can create biochemical burdens and a need for additional protein. When an increase in dietary protein intake is needed, one may: 1.) Increase intake of high protein foods, 2.) Supplement with protein powder, 3.) Supplement with protein hydrolysates, 4.) Supplement with free form amino acids. The first three options require ingestion of sufficient quantities of protein, then digestion and finally absorption of that protein. Potential shortcomings of these approaches are: 1.) Poor digestion leaves residue polypeptides, 2.) Mal-absorption, 3.) Food allergies, 4.) High calorie content and 5.) Poor palatability.


L-Alanine ...147mg
L-Arginine ...138mg
L-Aspartic Acid ...206mg
L-Cysteine ...23mg
L-Cystine ...26mg
L-Glutamic Acid ...349mg
L-Glutamine ...28mg
Glycine ...95mg
L-Histidine ...73mg
L-Isoleucine ...71mg
L-Leucine ...203mg
L-Lysine ...203mg
L-Methionine ...55mg
L-Ornithine ...23mg
L-Phenylalanine ...102mg
L-Proline ...77mg
L-Serine ...95mg
Taurine ...48mg
L-Threonine ...91mg
L-Tyrosine ...77mg
L-Valine ...120mg

Contains - Magnesium stearate, rice flour, gelatin



Three (3) cpasules twice daily on an empty stomach.

About the Manufacturer

Progressive Labs

Progressive Labs is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is licensed by the Texas State Department of Health, Bureau of Food and Drug Safety, and is regularly inspected by these agencies. Progressive Labs test and source their raw materials from some of the most reputable vendors in the world. This means you can expect to receive the highest quality ingredients at the most competitive price.You can be assured that their GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) meet or exceed industry standards. This means you can rely on the potency and quality of Progressive Labs products.

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