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Professional Botanicals Cardiotone 60 caps

BrandProfessional Botanicals

Professional Botanicals Cardiotone 60 caps supports healthy heart function. Heart issues are a large health problem and include: cardiac pain, irregular heart rate, cardiac hypertrophy, problems from overexertion or nervousness, blood pressure problems, and even death. This product supports a boost in energy, increases heart muscle strength, lowers bloood pressure, increases resistance to virus and other infections by boosting the immune system and supports the balancing of many cardiac and circulatory issues. Indications may include: angina, blood clots, chest pains, circulation, cold extremities, hardening of arteries, hemophilia, low oxygen metabolism, decreased stamina, stroke, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.


About the Manufacturer

Professional Botanicals

Professional Botanicals selects only the finest raw ingredients and process in facilities that meet or exceed “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) standards. These standards are rigorous and ensure the utmost quality. Besides being GMP compliant, every product goes through extensive testing for content and contamination, and is certified to be contamination-free by independent laboratories. Professional Botanicals is a global enterprise, and we stand behind our quality.

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