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Priority One Cal-Mag + D2 90c

BrandPriority One Vitamins

Priority One Cal-Mag + D2 90c. Regular supplementation of calcium mixed with magnesium has been proven to strengthen bones and lower the chance of developing osteoporosis. Calcium supplementation is necessary for good nerve and muscle function, healthy cardiovascular system, and athletic endurance.

Those who do not consume enough calcium
containing products in their diet.

Serving Size: Three (3) Vegetarian Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

Calcium ... 1,350mg
Calcium ... 150mg
Magnesium ... 150mg
Magnesium ... 150mg
Magnesium ... 150mg
Vitamin D2 ... 600IU

Other Ingredients: Rice Powder.

About the Manufacturer

Priority One Nutritional Supplements

Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. is a family owned and operated company, founded in 1987, starting with just a few supplements. Today they have grown to accommodate our customers in North America and around the world.

Priority One Nutritional Supplements specialize in high potency formulas designed for professional use. Priority One supplies unique, pure, and potent supplements.

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