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Professional Health Products Pancreatin 8X Plus 45 tabs

BrandProfessional Health Products
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Pancreatin 8X Plus contains a high-potency pancreatic enzyme containing 840 milligrams of pancreatin 8x per tablet. Enzymes are provided in the activated form and can aid in the digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the diet. Digestive enzymes are useful for customers suffering from pancreatic deficiency, protein malabsorbtion, steatorrhea, hypoglycemia, gas, allergies, diabetic tendencies, muscle pain, alcoholic stools, and other digestive disorders of the intestinal. Protiolytic enzymes of this quality are known to attack and dissolve abnormal cell growth

Pancreatin (8X)...840mg. Trypsin...60mg. Chymotrypsin...50mg.
45 Capsules

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