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Organophosphates Profile - Urine Test

SKU: 0763
The Organophosphates Profile is a urine test that identifies a patients prolonged exposed to organophosphate pesticides. The Organophosphates Profile uncovers exposure to these pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides to determine if avoidance and detoxification are needed for optimal health.
Organophosphate pesticides/insecticides are nerve agents that inactivate an important enzyme which is essential to nerve function. This can cause neurodevelopment disorders in small children and fetuses. Though organophosphates degrade rapidly when exposed to sunlight, air, and soil, chronic toxicity can still occur as these chemicals are used on food crops, orchards, and food storage centers.
Want to find the cause of your symptoms?

1. Purchase your labtest online.
2. The Lab order is provided by us.
3. Collect your urine at home and mail to the lab.
4. You receive the results by email within 2-3 weeks.
5. Practitioner phone consultations available.
Not available in MD. Some tests not available in NY.
Symptoms of Organophosphate Pesticide Exposure Include:

Muscle twitching
Poor coordination
Neurodevelopment disorders
Immune system disorders

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