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Numedica Methyl Folate Optimizer - 60c

SKU: NM305
Numedica Methyl Folate Optimizer - 60c is a comprehensive formula designed to support optimal methylation and homocysteine levels. The 5-MTHF in this formula, Quatrefolic®, is the most biologically active form of folate, allowing rapid uptake into the bloodstream.* Vitamin B-12 is also provided in its active form, methylcobalamin to further support methylation and healthy homocysteine levels. NuMedica® has included its Advanced Absorption Technology™ - a proprietary blend of AstraGin™ and BioPerine®.* Clinical studies have shown the components of this proprietary blend  to increase folate absorption by up to 50.4%.
This formula supports methylation on two levels: first, it enhances absorption in the intestines; second, it provides the form of folate requiring no additional metabolic steps by the body to be utilized.* The 5-MTHF in this formula is also known as the "L" form of 5-MTHF since it is the reduced form of folate.

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