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Numedica Gluten Sensitivity PRP Bal. (Large) - 5 oz

SKU: NM224
Numedica Gluten Sensitivity PRP Bal. (Large) - 5 oz is a bovine colostrum immune balancing spray containing Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs), which help to modulate normal immune responses.
PRPs are information-carrying proteins (peptides) with amazing adaptability. In times of immunological challenge, they enhance immune activity by promoting the production of cytokines.* Conversely, when the immune system unnecessarily reacts to environmental factors through cytokine production, PRPs send signals via specific cell receptor sites to decrease the production of cytokines.*
PRPs help regulate the thymus gland (the body’s central command for the immune system), stimulating an underactive immune system or down regulating an overactive immune system.* They inhibit the overproduction of lymphocytes and T-cells and may help reduce minor symptoms related to allergies, swelling and tenderness.

Key Benefits of Gluten Sensitivity PRP Balance™ Spray:
 Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) from Fresh Colostrum
 Supports the Immune System*
 Supports Healthy Cognitive Function*
 Promotes Cytokine Production / Balancing*
 Supports the Body's Healthy Response to Allergens*

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