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Numedica Alpha CU (Alpha-Lipoic Acid Formula) - 120t

SKU: NM193
Numedica Alpha CU (Alpha-Lipoic Acid Formula) - 120t is a powerful poly-purpose formula combining scientifically validated and result-targeted nutrients, providing the body the super antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid, vanadium, zinc, vitamin C and biotin. Our proprietary Plasma Concentration Technology™ (PCT) delivers maximum controlled uptake and bioavailability in the bloodstream.
Key Benefits of Alpha CU™:  
 ● Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
 ● Enhanced energy support*
 ● Assists optimization of peripheral neurological function*
 ● Boosts generation of cellular ATP, anti-aging benefits*
 ● Aids in potent biological antioxidant regeneration*
 ● Liver and cardiovascular protection*

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