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Products by NeuroScience


 NeuroScience Inc. has developed a line nutraceutical formulas that specifically target a spectrum of neurotransmitters imbalances. The unique combination of neurotransmitter precursors, herbal
ingredients, and enzymatic cofactors provide effective support for many of today’s most common
health concerns.



NeuroScience AdreCor 180 caps

Price $69.00
Sku NEU0002

Neuroscience AdreCor 90 caps

Price $39.00
Sku nsadreco

NeuroScience AdreCor with Licorice Root 90 caps

Price $40.00

NeuroScience AdreCor with SAMe 30 caps

Price $67.00
Sku NEU0025

NeuroScience Avipaxin 60 Veg Caps

Price $66.00
Sku NS0345

NeuroScience Balance D 60 caps

Price $38.00
Sku NS balD

NeuroScience Calm CP 60 caps

Price $58.00
Sku calmcp

NeuroScience Calm G 90 caps

Price $66.00
Sku nsthea

Neuroscience Calm PRT 120 caps

Price $134.00
Sku NS2046

Neuroscience Calm PRT 90

Price $102.00
Sku NS0600

Neuroscience Daxitrol Essential 120 caps

Price $80.00
Sku NS DX1

Neuroscience ExcitaPlus 120 caps

Price $86.00
Sku ofcexcita+

NeuroScience Focus DL 1 gm

Price $24.00
Sku nsdlp

NeuroScience GABA Trex Chewable 60 Tablets Grape Flavor

Price $34.00
Sku nsGABA

NeuroScience Norlox Ultra 60 caps

Price $68.00
Sku NS0046

NeuroScience Oxisol 60c

Price $52.00
Sku NS0088

Neuroscience Serene 60 capsules

Price $40.00

NeuroScience SeroTrex Chewable Tablets (Orange) 60 tabs

Price $42.00
Sku NSST12

NeuroScience TravaCor 120 caps

Price $84.00
Sku trav

NeuroScience TravaGen 120 caps

Price $64.00
Sku ns321

Omega Kade

Price $50.00
Sku NSomeg

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